Italian Football: when a new and different sales & marketing strategy ?

The Newspaper “Gazzetta dello Sport” analyzes the Series A balances 2014-2015 with a global loss of 365 millions Euro.



A bad trend is confirmed in all the economical forecasts for the series A teams. These companies in fact last year have accumulated losses for 220 millions Euro, where 2 years ago it was 150 millions Euro, so the bad trend is increasing. The total turnover is lightly increased, but this was due to the tv rights, while the costs have significally increased and the plus-values decreased.
Once again, the lack of serious development projects and proper industrial plans, is not compensated, like in other countries, by direct sales&marketing actions, an efficient merchandising, the match-day income, and so on.
Some sport clubs have showed a better capability of developing something different, such as investments for stadiums etc… Sales and marketing actions, to be efficient, must be properly coordinated and well planned, with the appropriate tools and methodology. Stategical intervention areas for a relaunch of the football business, are:

  • the sales&marketing, using the available tools and technology;
  • the development of the territory, in the areas near the clubs, to attract people and supporters.


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