In Italy e-commerce goes ahead … but it does not run !!

The newspaper  “Corriere della Sera” analyzes the turnover of the italian companies coming from the webnews 4 fotogrande

Gian Antonio Stella, for the Corriere della Sera, analyzes in his article the e-commerce of the country. In the latest years, the % of the companies turnover due to the web increased from 4% to 9%, whereas the average in Europe is around 17%, with some top countries like Ireland at 37% ! So Italy is still the tail of Europe, even though the total online turnover is estimated now around 16,6 billions Euro. What’s then the trend for the future ? It’s positive, but the increase rate remains much lower than the other european countries. Same in the Tourism, where the online total turnover raised from 8% to 21% in the period 2009 – 2015.

Apparently we are lacking appropriate strategies, in other countries in fact the online turnover shows higher numbers: Germania (22%), Francia (30%), Spagna (34%), UK (35%). The complete article can be read at the following link:


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