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Geodev picks up and represents the historical experience of the GEO-KEYS brand: since long time we help the companies that operate on the territory, to better manage and develop their sales and marketing organization, by applying the geographical intelligence and making use of data and tools that help to correctly understand the market opportunities and properly address resources and investments. The geographical intelligence allows to discover the strategical value of the information that a company manages without truly understanding its business potential and great added value. The Geoservices supplied by Geodev provide integrated solutions in the areas:

  • Sales & Marketing (geomarketing, cross channel marketing, location planning)
  • Data Collection & Management (geocoding, data recovery, data processing, data integration)
  • Consumer Data Analysis (CRM, profiling, segmentation, ranking, geo-analysis, single customer view)
  • Business Intelligence (proper interpretation of the strategical business factors for the company development)
  • Proximity Marketing (marketing on the field via mobile network and smart-phones).


Geokeys Services is partner for Italy of  Experian Marketing Services France