Shopping Centers/ Commercial Performances


Shopping Centers / Hyper-Super-Markets (per points).
Location of shopping centers and associated data (description, business name, address, …).
Index of general flow and commercial performance.

Numerical indicators that qualify the sales-points (hyper-super-markets) in terms of spending potential related to either the resident population or to the people who move for work or for goods/services buying, tourism, social events. It’s an enrichment parameter added to the hyper-super-market database, and it can be aggregated by census area. To calculate the indicator the appropriate “gravitation area” are generated, for each sales-point. For each hyper-super-market a competitive pressure index is computed, due to the nearby sales-points, as a function of both the distances and the surface area. Such information is completed by the indicators connected to the estimated flows of people who move across the area for work, tourism, goods/services, etc… and it’s generally connected to the density of commercial activities, tourist attractions, leisure services, parkings, etc…. in the area.