Income and Spending

Income and spending data (per census area).
Average income data (by population and families) and information connected to the average spending, provided at the base territory units level (census cells). As far as the spending information is concerned, the supplied categories are:

  • Non-food Spending (Tobacco, Clothes / Footwears, Homes (main and secondary), Fuel / Energy, Fornitures / Appliances / Services for the house, Health, Transportation, Communication, Instruction, Free Time / Culture / Games, Detergents, Personal Care, Other goods and services)
  • Food and Beverage Spending (Bread / Grain, Meat, Fish, Oils / Fats, Milk / Cheese / Eggs, Potatoes / Fruits / Vegetables, Sugar / Coffee / Drugs, Beverages).
  • Total Grocery Spending, Grocery Spending by Hypermarkets and Supermarkets.