Geographical Intelligence



intelligienzageografica2More than 80% of the worldwide information managed daily can be connected, either directly or indirectly, to a location, a line or an area on a map. The knowledge of the link between the data and their geographical position, is a key factor for the correct interpretation of the activities and the right understanding of the social-economical dynamics that rule the business across the territory. Such knowledge, and the use of the proper tools, increase dramatically the value of the information.

For a company that operates on the territory through its sales organization (direct, indirect, potential) the proper location of its points-of-sales (shops and outlets) and a correct assignment of the sales force to the sales areas, are essential factors for the success of the business and they can determine the company success or failure.

The heart of the geographical intelligence is to establish the right connection between the company structure and the information coming from the external world, by crossing the different sources of data in order to allow the analyst to better understand what’s going on, predict behaviors, see the business potentiality, therefore optimizing the commercial and marketing efforts on the territory.