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In the following you’ll find all the information related to the objectives and data processing procedures regarding your personal data as a web site visitor, as well as any other information concerning sections 13 and 14 of the General Regulations about Data Protecion as of UE 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

This information concerns exclusively the web site (, and it doesn’t apply to other web sites, portals, sections/pages/spaces possibly connected through links and belonging to third parties, for which specific information sections apply.

1. Who is the owner of the data treatment ?

The owner of the data treatment is Geokeys Services S.r.l. that can be contacted through postal mail at the following address: Geokeys Services Srl Via Renato Hirsch 14 – 44124 Ferrara (IT) , or via email at the address:

2. What types of data we treat and how long we keep them

a) Navigation Data

The information technology systems and the software procedures that rule the operation of our web site, acquire navigation data for the only length of the connection and during normal operation, that will be implicitly transmitted via the standard internet communication protocols.

Such information will in no way be collected with the purpose of being linked to the users but, by their own nature, could allow the identification through data processing and associations to data owned by third parties. Therefore the acquired data will be eliminated automatically a few hours after processing.

b) Cookies

Regarding the cookies or tracking pixels, that technically are information packets sent by a web server to the user browser and stored by the browser on the device, then re-sent automatically to the server in all the following accesses to the site, the appropriate specific Cookie Policy information applies, which is reported in details in the appendix 1 below.

c) Data supplied on purpose by the users/visitors

If you decide on purpose, once connected to this web site, to send your personal information such as name, surname, address, email, phone) to have access to specific services, such as submit applications via email, Geokeys Services S.r.l. will treat such data in order to to anwer to your request, i.e. to supply you the service according to the present information rules and criteria, and in compliance to the specific privacy conditions applicable and connected to the service. The data will be kept for the only necessary time to manage the service and the possible objections.

Your personal data will be notified to third parties only if such communication will be necessary in order to provide the requested service, as specified in the information related to the single services, or to simplify – upon your request – the registration operation to third parties web sites.

You will never be asked about health or other critical information, in general about all the specific personal data categories recalled by the GDPR (sensitive, biomedical, genetic, penal).

3. How your data will be treated

Your data will be treated with the support of information technology tools and systems, and they will be protected by using appropriate security procedures whose main purpose id to guarrantee the data integrity and safety.

In particular, Geokeys Services S.r.l. makes use of appropriate operation rules and a qualified methodology (distribution of roles and responsibilities in all the activities and operation stages), both technical and procedural (such as firewall, antivirus, …) to protect your data against loss, theft, as well as unappropriate or unauthorized use.

4. What are the purpose and the legal base of the treatment ?

Geokeys Services S.r.l. treats and manages your anonymous navigation data as of point 2.a before in order to monitor the technical operation and performance of the site, and acquire information useful to improve such operation and supply the related services from all points-of-view. Regarding the point 2.c before see the specific information section about the single services.

5. To whom your data can be communicated ?

The anonymous information such as points 2.1 and 2.b may be communicated to partners and suppliers who support Geokeys Services S.r.l. in providing the services and the site operation. For personal data treatment, a specific Partner Section is however provided as section 9 below.

In the case we need to communicate to third parties your personal data, for instance due to the services you are requesting if/when applicable), they will act as autonomous owners, or they will be nominated by Geokeys Services S.r.l. as Data Treatment Responsible.

You can obtain the complete list of such responsible entities by sending a request via email to the address:

Besides, your data could be communicated to subjects, institutions, authorities in all those cases where such communication is allowed by law.

6. What are your rights ?

At any time you can have access to the information that are connected to yourself, and possibly ask for any types of modification, update, integration, cancellation, transformation into an anonymous format, data access blocking. You’ll also have the right to make specific opposition to the data treatment.

In order to exercise this and other rights as described in the art. 15-22 of the GDPR, you can write via postal mail to the following address: Geokeys Services S.r.l. Via Renato Hirsch 14 – 44124 Ferrara (IT), or you can send an email to the address:

Besides you have the right to address your issues to the guaranteeing authority for the protection of the personal data, or other authority to submit a formal complaint regarding your personal data treatment.

7. Modifications and updates

The present information is subject to possible modifications/updates in the future, depending on the changes in the legal rules and conditions, services update or supply of new services, as well as significant or relevant technology changes.

You are then invited to consult periodically this pages.

8. Privacy Information for Partners relationship

Geokeys Services S.r.l. applies the following rules with all its partners.

Geokeys Services S.r.l. uses and shares, also with partners, anonymized data (the meaning of anonymized data being any personal data that, after being appropriately treated, can’t be associated to an identified or identifiable subject). In particular, we share this data with EXPERIAN HOLDING ITALIA and EXPERIAN ESPAÑA, S.L.U., who will use it to create products and services to help organisations better understand the likely characteristics of their customers; communicate with them more effectively; and find others like them across a range of marketing channels. This may mean that such organizations could better communicate with their own customers, by using their usual communication systems. The criteria described in this paragraph are always preserved.

As established in the European Regulations art. nr. 26, the data protecion principles and rules “shouldn’t apply to anonymous information, in other words to information that do not refer to a physical person identified or identifiable, or to personal data made anonymous in such a way to prevent or not allow the identification of the subject. The European Regulations therefore do not apply to the treatment of such anonymous information, including statistical or research tasks.”

This is also confirmed by the national regulatory adjustments, such as for Italy the “Art. 110 Nuovo Codice Privacy – D.lgs 196/2003 aggiornato al D.lgs 101/2018” which states that the data treated as preventive forms of minimizations or anonymization (minimizzazione – anonimizzazione) are “excluded from the operational context of the dispositions regarding the treatment of personal data.”

Therefore wherever specific projects, developed and formalized by contracts, involve personal data, of which the final clients are responsible, the data supplied by Geokeys Services S.r.l. are provided dutifully and rigorously in pseudoanonymized way, i.e. encrypted through algorithms that do not allow to be decrypted therefore they are made completely anonymous, in full agreement with what described in the last European GDPR “Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)” , beyond being compliant to the current standard national rules regarding the data privacy and protection.

The possible geocoding of the public addresses is used exclusively for statistical purposes, and the consequent enrichment process is accomplished by appending to the data variables and information represented by social-demographic and macro-economical data, available at the aggregate level only, such as for example the census-cells, postal-codes (ZIP), admin boundaries (municipality, province, region). These enrichment data are all derived by public fonts, direct or indirect, properly treated by statistical processing. The only and unique allowed use of the actions described above, is for statistical enrichment.

For more details we invite the navigators to visit the following links:

Garantor Privacy (IT):


9. Geographical Coverage

The data currently treated by Geokeys Services S.r.l. , in full respect of what described above in terms of privacy compliance, in particular in section 8, cover the following countries:



The geographical coverage may change depending of the future activities.

Appendix 1 – Cookie Policy Details

The web site (, which from now on we’ll name GEODEV, uses cookies and similar technologies to guarrantee the correct operation of the procedures and improve the preformance of the online applications. This section supplies some detailed information about the use of cookies and similar technologies, how they are used by GEODEV and how they are managed.


The cookies are short text strings (letters and/or numbers) that allow the web server to store on the client browser navigation information to be re-used during the current or future navigation sessions (session cookies or persistent cookies). The cookies are normally stored on the device (computer, tablet, smartphone), and/or sent to an external server.

Similar technologies, such as web beacon, transparent GIF, and all forms of local storage introduced with HTML5, are used to collect information on the behaviour of the user and the use of the services.

Types of cookie

Different categories of cookies are:

  • Cookie needed by the operation. These cookies are needed by the correct operation of the GEODEV site and are used to manage login and access to reserved functionalities. The length of the cookie is strictly dependent on the session length, they are canceled when the browser gets closed.

  • Cookie for analysis and performance. These cookies are used to collect ad analyze traffic information. We don’t use such cookies.

  • Cookie for profiling. These cookies are permanent and are used to identify (in an anonymous way) the preferences of the user and improve its experience in the navigation. We don’t use such cookies.

Third parties cookies

By visiting a web site it’s possible to receive cookies from the visited site (proprietary cookies). Examples are social plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ e LinkedIn. They are needed for sharing the information of the visited pages across the platforms. For general information, in the following we report the most common links to the different information sections related to the use and management of the most common cookies by the different platforms.

Facebook information:

Twitter information:

Linkedin information:

Google+ information: