Data Processing: Geocode


ServizGeocodeGeocoding is the process that, given a record with an address or a link to a territory unit (ex. postal code), determines the x,y geographical coordinates by crossing the address information with the road and streets database, or using the appropriate ad-hoc web functionality, or links the record to the appropriate unit. Once geocode is done successfully, the information is linked to the territory, so it becomes suitable for all the geographical analyses made available by the tools, and/or it can be joined to all sort of external territory data (ex. for data enrichment).

The typical company data such as sales-points of clients, prospects and competition, interest points (POI), and other data coming from the company CRM with some address information in it, can be geocoded to add the geographical key to the database, and increase dramatically the value of the information.
We mainly use our internal tools, developed and optimized in years of activity with our clients, very fast and efficient today, partially customizable according to the data to be processed. Besides we use external (web) services integrated in our procedures, to increase the efficiency of the geocode process. Thanks to our tools and long-term know-how, we can pre-normalize the data, perform automatic and semi-automatic geocoding, and integrate the process with manual ad-hoc adjustments if/when required. We can also handle big-data.