Web Applications (Development and Cloud Service)



ServiziAppWebWe have a consolidated experience in the design, development, implementation and ad-hoc customization of web applications for our customers, either supplied as on-site installations for the company network, or available via public or reserved web access, fully maintained in our servers within our cloud-services (ASP 24 hours with dedicated SLA).

  • We customize the client environment by inserting the company data (ex. sales organization), properly geocoding the data and connecting the data to the desired geographical databases. We maintain the customer data into our secure environment (ex. oracle databases). We provide a full web application access to the data with all the needed geographical functionality (maps navigation, data query, reports generation, etc…).
  • Apps for mobile phones for all the most common mobile O.S. are provided (iOS, Android, WinMobile), properly connected in real-time to the server data.
  • We make use of standard and open-source tools (java/java-script, html, sql, rdbms storage, apache/tomcat app.server, app design and feel for mobile platforms, …).
  • We manage «big data» as well, where the data security is always guarranteed.