Software tools implemented in years of activity in the geographical intelligence business areas, for different clients and market sectors, today updated to the most recent technologies (web, open-source, java, sql, http, 4GE), well consolidated in years of use by the clients, and still completely owned and free of proprietary components therefore customizable to the client specific needs. The tools/applications are named today according to the original project they’ve been derived from:

GeoMapping (sales-points) – GeoWeb (business analysis) – GeoBuilder (agents) – GeoReport (territory) – GeoForce (visits planning) – GeoApp (proximity market) – SPORT2B (sport marketing) – Tourism and Accessibility Geodev for the Social


SoluzioniGeoMapping2GeoMapping (sales-points)

It’s a web tool giving geographical access to the company sales structure, that:

  • given an address (street, city, place, postal code, …) searches the nearby commercial dealers belonging to the company sales structure (merchants, outlets, direct/indirect sales points, …), where the search meets the different constraints defined by the user (radial or iso-chrone distance from the given position, merchant type/category, etc…);
  • extracts by proximity the selected (previously geocoded) merchants with the corresponding locations, and reports them on a map, for use by either the business analyst or the final user;
    • allows fast maps navigation on high quality territory maps (google-maps style);
    • supplies quick and reliable answers even in case of multiple accesses, thanks to its cloud-based multi-servers background structure;
    • can generate graphic report and send them to the user via email in pdf format;
    • based on the ESRI engine, can be integrated with the full set of Google Maps functionality.




GeoWeb (business analisys)







It’s a web tool designed for geographical business analyses, that:

  • given an address (street, city, place, postal code) goes on a map at the selected location (x,y);
    allows the generation of a catchment area for a typical business territory analysis (as a collection of base territory units – UTB – such as census cells or postal code areas), for a radial or iso-chrone distance from the given location;
    within the created catchment area, from the company sales organization, selects and reports on a map the direct/indirect/potential/competition sales locations (direct, indirect, potential);
  • for the given catchment area, builds thematic maps and reports by accessing to a variety of territory dependent business information, such as social-demographic data (ex. istat), social-economical profiling information (ex. Mosaic), specific company business data, external market-sector dependent business data (ex. automotive), and/or any other data properly connected to the territory through the proper UTB model;
    can be run for different company profiles, to get a real-time and reliable picture of the territory from the point of view of the company specific business;
  • allows the analysis of the area potentials, and the impact of the sales-points locations (current and prospect);
    uses the most up-to-date technology to accomplish its tasks: the data are stored into a full-relational database with powerful geographical analysis capabilities;
  • allows quick and fast map navigation, reports generation, thematic maps production, for all types of data linked to the territory units in the data model;
  • entirely implemented internally with no use of proprietary technology, can be customized at all levels (data, functionality, user interface);
  • based on the ESRI engine, can be integrated with the full set of Google Maps functionality.


SoluzioniGeoBuilder1GeoBuilder (agents)

It’s a web tool designed for the creation and management of competence areas for agents, within the sales structure of the company, where the territory associated to each agent can be either a collection of points (clients) or a geographical area contained within an external boundary.
This tool:

  • allows the generation of statistics related to different business variables, calculated in real-time as aggregated or average values on each area assigned to any given agent;
  • allows the analysis of possible different scenarios for the sales territories, each time recalculating the business parameters at real time;
  • allows the analyst to compare the different scenarios and take a decision based on the most reliable one, thus changing the company sales structure in the most efficient way;
  • it’s designed to handle with: sales area managers, sub-area managers, trades, business info;
  • it must be upgraded to the most recent technology (web access, ESRI and Google Maps services).




GeoReport (territory)


It’s a web tool very simple for the user, that can build sophisticated reports for the user, based on tables, text, graphics, maps. It was designed for a specific project years ago, it’s still available and customizable for specific purposes. Given an address, the application builds a geographical and business Report for a given area around that location, with a lot of preformatted information such as: social demographic data, population and related data, territory profiling information, business potential, etc… The pdf file is sent to the specified email address. It’s designed for the less sophisticated user, fully customizable.








SoluzioniGeoForceGeoForce (visits planning)

It’s a (desktop) software for the creation and management of the territories assigned to the agents who need to plan periodical visits to the sales-points belonging to their sales territory. It manages at the best the creation and maintenance of the sales territories for the agents, by balancing and optimizing the sales visits to be accomplished by each agent within its territory, in the given period of time (call cycle) and according to the given company constraints if any (ex. time-slots, opening days, visit duration, etc…).
Features of the application:SoluzioniGeoForce1

  • stand-alone product that can be directly installed on the user pc (a web version is not available yet);
  • in the current version, it doesn’t require any internet connection or eternal information;
  • it uses internal automatic algorithms to balance at the best the territories assigned to the agents, based on the number of yearly visits to be accomplished, and trying to meet all the other business parameters that can be defined (visit duration, opening days and times, …);
  • once the territories are defined, it calculates and reports on maps and excel the detailed visiting paths (visits planning by sequence and paths) for each agent;
  • entirely written in java and making use of open source standard components.




GeoApp (proximity)SoluzioniGeoApp

App designed for smart-phones and tablets, published for iOS and Android devices (later on WinMobile). It’s a geographical App, with full map display and navigation capability, and some of the functionality provided by the web applications such as GeoMapping and GeoWeb, plus specific proximity marketing functionality based on the mobile GPS position. It’s customizable for the company needs, and it’s designed as being compliant to the standard App look&feel guidelines for the iOS and Android OS.
The App once downloaded can:


  • show the current position on a map (google maps like)
  • report the sales points around the given GPS position, for selected categories;
  • show other business related information in the area if desired
  • aactivate the so-called proximity marketing functionality, where the user is automatically alerted (by a push notification sent to the phone) when he/she enters or leaves a given area around a given sales point, thus allowing the sales structure to reach the nearby potential clients easily and efficiently, for marketing campaigns (ex. promotions);
  • the same (automatic push notifications) can be done for locations of events (ex. tourism).

SoluzioniGeoApp4The App could be designed for agents and sales force as well, depending on the functionality implemented.
The proximity marketing however is the main strength of this tool, because it allows the smartphone/tablet to become a sort of a personal assistant for the purchase of products, or for getting information about given events. This functionality in technical terms is called geofencing, as in general terms it allows an organization to communicate with a (potential) client efficiently and immediately, just making use (if allowed) of his/her position on the territory, given the locations where the notifications/messages/promotions/information/alerts could be sent from.



SoluzioniSportSPORT2B (sport marketing)

SSPORT2B is a proposal to combine Business and Wellness, by improving the return of investment for the sport events. In fact, today it’s always more important:

    • to qualify at the best the event, by combining business and wellness;
    • guarrantee to the company an optimization of the investment;
    • involve the entire eco-system (people, values, culture, territory).

Through our modular proposal, it becomes possible to act on both the internal and external sides of the company, in the direction of the territory, other institutions and organizations.


Tourism and Accessibility


The integrated system for accessibility and tourism is the geographical solution for the management and the distribution of the information associated to the Accessible Tourism for a given territory or a city. The model allows to split the territory into micro-areas to be analyzed, where each micro-area presents its own access points to enter or leave the area from/to the external world (ex. bus stops, parkings, metro stations, …). The routes (paths) to reach the points of touristical interest, or the service points of any types, can be included into the micro-area.
The tools are:

Geographical T.A.I.S.: (Tourist Accessibility Integrated System) this application manages and distributes the different types of information associated to the accessibility within a given area, as it has been designed for support to the Accessible Tourism.

Reach&Go: this application is currently available on tablets, and it has been designed to manage the survey activity, on the field, to collect the different types of information related to the accessibility of public and private buildings, and feasibility of routes to reach given points.


Geodev for the Social


Digital and innovative technologies can and must become tools for promoting social innovation, especially if made available to the realities that actually work concretely in the social field.
Specifically, geographic applications supporting the territory, in general, and detailed territorial information, in particular, will increasingly take on a key role in the support that technology can give to the development and social equlibrium of the entire society.
Geokeys Services has chosen, also as a CSR contribution, to support through its geographic app, one of these social realities, specifically the Be4Strangers project.
Be4Strangers is one of the startup projects that have won a specific call, coordinated by “insieme per il Sociale” (a public company for social services in the Northern Area of Milan), and aims to create an archive (with its web portal) to map and make avalilable to the citizens existing services in the territory for foreigners or Italian people who need them.
The startup project started in the north-Milan and Milan areas and then it will expand to the rest of the territory.
The Be4Strangers geographic app therefore becomes the support of user’s operations, while the use of a geographic support system will also allow analysis of the various issues related to the project.