GeoApp (proximity)

SoluzioniGeoAppApp designed for smart-phones and tablets, published for iOS and Android devices (later on WinMobile). It’s a geographical App, with full map display and navigation capability, and some of the functionality provided by the web applications such as GeoMapping and GeoWeb, plus specific proximity marketing functionality based on the mobile GPS position. It’s customizable for the company needs, and it’s designed as being compliant to the standard App look&feel guidelines for the iOS and Android OS.
The App once downloaded can:

  • show the current position on a map (google maps like)
  • report the sales points around the given GPS position, for selected categories;
  • show other business related information in the area if desired
  • aactivate the so-called proximity marketing functionality, where the user is automatically alerted (by a push notification sent to the phone) when he/she enters or leaves a given area around a given sales point, thus allowing the sales structure to reach the nearby potential clients easily and efficiently, for marketing campaigns (ex. promotions);
  • the same (automatic push notifications) can be done for locations of events (ex. tourism).

SoluzioniGeoApp4The App could be designed for agents and sales force as well, depending on the functionality implemented.
The proximity marketing however is the main strength of this tool, because it allows the smartphone/tablet to become a sort of a personal assistant for the purchase of products, or for getting information about given events. This functionality in technical terms is called geofencing, as in general terms it allows an organization to communicate with a (potential) client efficiently and immediately, just making use (if allowed) of his/her position on the territory, given the locations where the notifications/messages/promotions/information/alerts could be sent from.