GeoBuilder (agents)



It’s a web tool designed for the creation and management of competence areas for agents, within the sales structure of the company, where the territory associated to each agent can be either a collection of points (clients) or a geographical area contained within an external boundary.
This tool:

  • allows the generation of statistics related to different business variables, calculated in real-time as aggregated or average values on each area assigned to any given agent;
  • allows the analysis of possible different scenarios for the sales territories, each time recalculating the business parameters at real time;
  • allows the analyst to compare the different scenarios and take a decision based on the most reliable one, thus changing the company sales structure in the most efficient way;
  • it’s designed to handle with: sales area managers, sub-area managers, trades, business info;
  • it must be upgraded to the most recent technology (web access, ESRI and Google Maps services).