GeoForce (visits planning)

It’s a (desktop) software for the creation and management of the territories assigned to the agents who need to plan periodical visits to the sales-points belonging to their sales territory. It manages at the best the creation and maintenance of the sales territories for the agents, by balancing and optimizing the sales visits to be accomplished by each agent within its territory, in the given period of time (call cycle) and according to the given company constraints if any (ex. time-slots, opening days, visit duration, etc…).

SoluzioniGeoForceFeatures of the application:

  • stand-alone product that can be directly installed on the user pc (a web version is not available yet);
  • in the current version, it doesn’t require any internet connection or eternal information;
  • it uses internal automatic algorithms to balance at the best the territories assigned to the agents, based on the number of yearly visits to be accomplished, and trying to meet all the other business parameters that can be defined (visit duration, opening days and times, …);
  • once the territories are defined, it calculates and reports on maps and excel the detailed visiting paths (visits planning by sequence and paths) for each agent;
  • entirely written in java and making use of open source standard components.