GeoMapping (sales-points)


It’s a web tool giving geographical access to the company sales structure, that:


  • SoluzioniGeoMapping2given an address (street, city, place, postal code, …) searches the nearby commercial dealers belonging to the company sales structure (merchants, outlets, direct/indirect sales points, …), where the search meets the different constraints defined by the user (radial or iso-chrone distance from the given position, merchant type/category, etc…);
  • extracts by proximity the selected (previously geocoded) merchants with the corresponding locations, and reports them on a map, for use by either the business analyst or the final user;
    • allows fast maps navigation on high quality territory maps (google-maps style);
    • supplies quick and reliable answers even in case of multiple accesses, thanks to its cloud-based multi-servers background structure;
    • can generate graphic report and send them to the user via email in pdf format;
    • based on the ESRI engine, can be integrated with the full set of Google Maps functionality.