GeoWeb (business analisys)


SoluzioniGeoWeb1It’s a web tool designed for geographical business analyses, that:

  • given an address (street, city, place, postal code) goes on a map at the selected location (x,y);
    allows the generation of a catchment area for a typical business territory analysis (as a collection of base territory units – UTB – such as census cells or postal code areas), for a radial or iso-chrone distance from the given location;
    within the created catchment area, from the company sales organization, selects and reports on a map the direct/indirect/potential/competition sales locations (direct, indirect, potential);
  • for the given catchment area, builds thematic maps and reports by accessing to a variety of territory dependent business information, such as social-demographic data (ex. istat), social-economical profiling information (ex. Mosaic), specific company business data, external market-sector dependent business data (ex. automotive), and/or any other data properly connected to the territory through the proper UTB model;
    can be run for different company profiles, to get a real-time and reliable picture of the territory from the point of view of the company specific business;


  • allows the analysis of the area potentials, and the impact of the sales-points locations (current and prospect);
  • uses the most up-to-date technology to accomplish its tasks: the data are stored into a full-relational database with powerful geographical analysis capabilities;
  • allows quick and fast map navigation, reports generation, thematic maps production, for all types of data linked to the territory units in the data model;
  • entirely implemented internally with no use of proprietary technology, can be customized at all levels (data, functionality, user interface);
  • based on the ESRI engine, can be integrated with the full set of Google Maps functionality.