Tourism and Accessibility



The integrated system for accessibility and tourism is the geographical solution for the management and the distribution of the information associated to the Accessible Tourism for a given territory or a city. The model allows to split the territory into micro-areas to be analyzed, where each micro-area presents its own access points to enter or leave the area from/to the external world (ex. bus stops, parkings, metro stations, …). The routes (paths) to reach the points of touristical interest, or the service points of any types, can be included into the micro-area.
The tools are:




SoluzioniTurismoGeographical T.A.I.S.: (Tourist Accessibility Integrated System) this application manages and distributes the different types of information associated to the accessibility within a given area, as it has been designed for support to the Accessible Tourism.

Reach&Go: this application is currently available on tablets, and it has been designed to manage the survey activity, on the field, to collect the different types of information related to the accessibility of public and private buildings, and feasibility of routes to reach given points.