Geodev for the Social


Digital and innovative technologies can and must become tools for promoting social innovation, especially if made available to the realities that actually work concretely in the social field.
Specifically, geographic applications supporting the territory, in general, and detailed territorial information, in particular, will increasingly take on a key role in the support that technology can give to the development and social equlibrium of the entire society.
Geokeys Services has chosen, also as a CSR contribution, to support through its geographic app, one of these social realities, specifically the Be4Strangers project.
Be4Strangers is one of the startup projects that have won a specific call, coordinated by “insieme per il Sociale” (a public company for social services in the Northern Area of Milan), and aims to create an archive (with its web portal) to map and make avalilable to the citizens existing services in the territory for foreigners or Italian people who need them.
The startup project started in the north-Milan and Milan areas and then it will expand to the rest of the territory.
The Be4Strangers geographic app therefore becomes the support of user’s operations, while the use of a geographic support system will also allow analysis of the various issues related to the project.